Beer Filling Machine

Beer Filling Machine uses a high-quality original controller such as computer encoder, photoelectric sensor, touch screen, etc. The arbitrarily set filling function is the time required to quickly and accurately set the amount you need to fill. Filling machine The controller is displayed in full Chinese, and the operation is simple and clear. It is more suitable for filling liquids of many different colors, which is convenient and non-polluting. One machine can fill a variety of liquids and save costs.
Performance characteristics
1. The filling valve adopts high-precision mechanical filling valve, which has a bottle-free and vacuum-free mechanism.
2. External mechanical valve structure, no spring and seal in the valve body.
3.Beer Filling Machine has two vacuuming capabilities and is equipped with a high pressure foaming device.
4. The drive uses an open gear and gearbox combination drive. The frequency conversion stepless speed regulation is adopted, and the speed regulation range is large.
5. The automatic beer filling machine is equipped with a grease automatic lubrication device, which can be used to regularly supply oil to each lubrication point as needed. High transmission efficiency, low noise and long life.
6. In the case of airing or pouring, the bottle is automatically closed due to the quality of the bottle, and the automatic bottle washing device is equipped.
7. The beverage filling production line adopts all stainless steel magnetic hopper. The cover, lower cover and cover of the crown cover are transmitted by magnetic force. The cover is not easy to be deformed during operation. The cover is large and smooth, the cover is reliable and has automatic unloading. Function to reduce the rate of broken bottles.
8. The centering guide adopts double-guide type alignment, and the pre-cover function is stable and reliable.
9. The lifting and lowering of the wine cylinder and the gland head are electric lifting to meet the bottle height of different heights within the design range.
10. The liquid level of the material in the filling cylinder is controlled by the electric probe, the cylinder liquid level is stable, and the filling is reliable.
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