Can Filling Machine

The material is connected to the mixing tank through the three-way reversing valve of the Can Filling Machine, and the mixing tank is equipped with a variable frequency stirring system. The mixing system allows the material to be fully agitated at very low breakage rates. When the reversing valve is opened in a straight line, the material enters the quantification cylinder, and the precision servo system is controlled by the circuit system to move the set distance downward.
When the reversing valve is opened at a right angle, the servo system moves upwards, the filling nozzle opens, and the discharging action is completed. The servo system moves into position, the filling nozzle is closed, and a single filling process is completed. In automatic mode, a single filling process repeats the movement.
The principles of the quantitative dosing of the sauce are: piston type, measuring cup type, screw weighing type, and the development of various principles only for the reasonable filling of the sauce, the application of these principles is very convenient for us. Our tireless pursuit of technological breakthroughs is only faster and better than the manual filling process.
Can Filling Machine is mainly used for beef, mutton, seafood, fruit, and other tinplate, glass canned packaging, sterilization, application of this machine can greatly reduce personnel costs and improve production efficiency, is a filling production line independently developed by canners. It integrates electromechanical and pneumatic, and is controlled by PLC. It is compact in structure and reasonable in design. It is made of stainless steel in contact with materials and fully conforms to GMP standards. It has high filling precision, stable operation and convenient maintenance.
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