Juice Filling Machine

The Juice Filling Machine is made of stainless steel, and the lower cup, lid, and seal are all finished. The machine mainly uses cups, boxes, bowls of milk, yogurt, instant noodles, lotus root starch, rice noodles and other food and beverage filling and capping, and can also be used for other special-shaped closures.
It adopts imported stepless speed change system to adjust the production speed; adopts cam indexer to make the lower film positioning accurately, the machine runs smoothly; the cover and the seal are completed at the same time, the lower film movement has no influence on the positioning accuracy of the cover film; accurate secondary sealing The sealing pressure can be adjusted and the sealing strength is good; the operation is simple and safe.
Juice Filling Machine has automatic bottle feeding, automatic material leakage (filled material), automatic measuring of filling volume, automatic bottle capping, automatic capping and so on. The compact structure and small footprint, the whole machine drive uses only one main power, and the action is continuous with continuous production.
Before normal production, manually fill the appropriate amount of fillings and caps into the hopper and vibrating tray, and then put the appropriate amount of filling bottles into the storage bottle tray. Simple operation, low power consumption and low energy consumption. The main material is stainless steel in line with pharmaceutical food production standards.
The particle filling and capping machine is an automatic production line that integrates filling and capping. This filling machine is generally suitable for filling granular shaped candy, medicine, and some chemicals, as long as it is in a granular state.
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