Water Treatment

Water Treatment is a very useful membrane separation unit operation.
The use of RO covers almost all industrial sectors, including desalination of water (with brackish water and seawater for drinking water), auxiliary process water purification (cooling water and boiler water purification), and high purity rinse water production ( Production of paint deposition and rinsing water for semiconductor wafer washing), water contacted by chemical manufacturing (water for pharmaceutical or cosmetic manufacturing), production of food and beverage (concentration of juice and production of cheese), and purification of industrial wastewater ( In the purification treatment before sewage discharge or adjustment). The reverse osmosis process is simple in operation, high in salt removal rate, and is used in a pharmaceutical water system. It also has a high heat removal capacity and is also economical.
Working principle
Water Treatment is the most sophisticated membrane-based liquid separation technology. It applies operating pressure on the influent (concentrated solution) side to overcome the natural osmotic pressure. When the operating pressure higher than the natural osmotic pressure is applied to the concentrated solution side, the water molecules naturally permeate the flow. The direction will be reversed.
The water molecules in the influent (concentrated solution) will pass through the reverse osmosis membrane to become the purified water on the dilute solution side; the reverse osmosis equipment can block all dissolved salts and organic matter with molecular weight greater than 100, but allow water molecules. Through, the reverse osmosis composite membrane desalination rate is generally greater than 98%, they are widely used in industrial pure water and electronic ultrapure water preparation, drinking pure water production, boiler feed water and other processes, using reverse osmosis equipment before ion exchange can be greatly reduced Bottom operation water and wastewater discharge.
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